Asian flavours for Australian homes
If you are looking to provide your customers with quality products and delicious flavours, you’ve come to the right place! It is no secret that Australia is a land of diverse tastes and flavours. We are a nation of people who appreciate the culture of food. At Lam Brothers, we believe that the sharing of food is a way of connecting and celebrating family and friendship. To offer Asian food to an Australian market is a cultural privilege which we are proud to facilitate. By providing delicious Asian flavours to our Western market, we are educating our customers on the benefits of traditional ingredients.


Product Categories

Lam Brothers specialises in a range of different foods for all tastebuds! From noodles to rice to curries and pastes, we have you and your customers covered for all your home made dishes. Our products offer variety and diversity to your home cooking and snacking habits. We will take you from breakfast through to dinner with satisfaction!

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